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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
30-sep-2006Spatio-temporal distribution of soil surface moisture in a heterogeneously farmed Mediterranean catchmentHébrard, O.; Voltz, M.; Andrieux, P.; Moussa, Redouane
avr-2006An indicator approach for describing the spatial variability of artificial stream networks with regard to herbicide pollution in cultivated watershedsLagacherie, P.; Diot, O.; Domange, N.; Gouy, V.; Floure, C.; Moussa, Redouane; Robbez-Masson, J.M.; Szleper, V.
jui-2007Caractéristiques structurales et mécaniques de céramiques à base d'argiles : influence de la source de feldspathArib, Abdelhak; Sarhiri, Abdallah; Moussa, Redouane; Remmal, Taoufik; Gomina, M.
15-jui-2003Changes in plaster microstructure by pre-stressing or by adding gypsum grains: Microstructural and mechanical investigations Gmouh, A.; Eve, A.; Samdi, A.; Moussa, Redouane; Hamel, J.; Gomina, M.
15-mai-2004Development and validation of a dimensional variation measurement set—application to the plaster settingGmouh, A.; Eve, S.; Samdi, A.; Moussa, Redouane; Tricha, L.; Aazzad, B.; Hamel, J.; Gomina, M.
22-oct-2004Investigation of the reactivity of AlCl3 and CoCl2 toward molten alkali-metal nitrates in order to synthesize CoAl2O4Moussa, Redouane; Ouahdi, N.; Guillemet, S.; Demai, J.J.; Durand, B.; Er Rakho, L.; Samdi, A.
14-mar-2008Synthesis of CoAl2 O4 by double decomposition reaction between LiAlO2 and molten KCoCl 3Moussa, Redouane; Ouahdi, N.; Guillemet, S.; Durand, B.; El Ouatib, R.; Er Rakho, L.; Samdi, A.
mai-2002Large photonic band gap's in one-dimensional multilayer structuresMoussa, Redouane; Salomon, L.; Dufour, J.P.; Aourag, H.
déc-2002Microstructural and mechanical behaviour of polyamide fibre-reinforced plaster compositesEve, S.; Gomina, M.; Gmouh, A.; Samdi, A.; Moussa, Redouane; Orange, G.
12-mai-2004Reactivity of aluminum sulfate and silica in molten alkali-metal sulfates in order to prepare mulliteEl Ouatib, Rachida; Guillemet, S.; Durand, B.; Samdi, A.; Er Rakho, L.; Moussa, Redouane