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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
14-jan-2009Apatite fission-track analyses on basement granites from south-western Meseta, Morocco: Paleogeographic implications and interpretation of AFT age discrepanciesSaddiqi, Omar; El Haimer, F.Z.; Michard, André; Barbarand, J.; Ruiz, G.M.H.; Mansour, E.M.; Leturmy, P.; Frizon de Lamotte, D.
jui-2008Tectonic evolution of the Betic–Rif arc: New constraints from 40Ar/39Ar dating on white micas in the Temsamane units (External Rif, northern Morocco)Negro, F.; de Sigoyer, J.; Goffé, B.; Saddiqi, Omar; Villa, I.M.
4-jui-2013Vertical movements at the fringe of the West African Craton: First zircon fission track datings from the Anti-Atlas Precambrian basement, MoroccoSaddiqi, Omar; Sebti, Samira; El Haimer, Fatima Zahra; Michard, André; Ruiz, Geoffrey; Bousquet, Romain; Baidder, Lahssen; Frizon de Lamotte, Dominique
2002Use of 137Cs technique for soil erosion study in the agricultural region of Casablanca in MoroccoNouira, A.; Sayouty, E.H.; Benmansour, M.
2-jui-2012Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T variant in Moroccan patients with inflammatory bowel diseaseNadifi, Sellama; Diakite, B.; Tazzite, A.; Hamzi, K.; Jouhadi, H.
13-mar-2012BRCA1 and BRCA2 germline mutations in Moroccan breast/ovarian cancer families: Novel mutations and unclassified variantsNadifi, Sellama; Tazzite, Amal; Jouhadi, Hassan; Aretini, Paolo; Falaschi, Elisabetta; Collavoli, Anita; Benider, Abdellatif; Adelaide Caligo, Maria
26-nov-2008Ataxia with vitamin E deficiency (AVED); an example of the contribution of research in molecular genetic to counselling in MoroccoBellayou, H.; Slassi, Ilham; Dehbi, H.; Bourezgui, M.; Nadifi, Sellama
21-oct-2005Autosomal recessive and sporadic deafness in Morocco: High frequency of the 35delG GJB2 mutation and absence of the 342-kb GJB6 variantNadifi, Sellama; Gazzaz, Bouchaib; Weil, Dominique; Rais, Leila; Akhyat, Omar; Azeddoug, Houssine
12-mar-2003Population genetic data of eight tetrameric short tandem repeats (STRs) in Casablanca resident population to use in forensic caseworkNadifi, Sellama; Chbel, Faiza; Martinez-Bouzas, Cristina; Louahlia, Said; Azeddoug, Houssine; Martinez De Pancorbo, Marian
27-jui-2011Profil immunophénotypique des déficits immunitaires combinés sévères au MarocBenslimane, A.; El-Maataoui, O.; Ailal, F.; Naamane, H.; Benhsaien, I.; Jeddane, L.; Farouqi, B.; Jilali, N.; Oudghiri, M.; Bousfiha, A.