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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
nov-1999Characterization of extended-spectrum b-lactamase-producing salmonella typhimurium by phenotypic and genotypic typing methodsElmdaghri, Naima; Ait Mhand, Rajaa; Brahimi, Naima; Moustaoui, Najat; Amarouch, Hamid; Grimont, Francine; Bingen, Edouard; Benbachir, Mohamed
25-jui-1996Electrochemical investigations of copper etching of Cu(NH3)4 Cl2 in ammoniacal solutionsIrzho, A.; Darchen, A.; Drissi-Daoudi, R.
mai-1995Prediction of NO2 and O3 concentrations for NOx plumes photochemically reacting in urban airAzzi, Mohammed; Johnson, G.M.; Hyde, R.; Young, M.
29-avr-1999Catalyseurs sulfures à base de cobalt et d'hydroxyapatiteEzzamarty, Abdelaziz; El Ouassouli, A.; Ezzemouri, S.; Lakhdar, Mahjoub; Leglise, Jacques
21-jui-1992A serpentinite ridge in a collisional paleomargin setting: the Beni Malek massif, External Rif, MoroccoSaddiqi, Omar; Michard, André; Feinberg, Hugues; El-Azzab, Driss; Bouybaouene, Mohamed
1997Late Hercynian–Mesozoic thinning in the Alboran domain: metamorphic data from the northern Rif, MoroccoSaddiqi, Omar; Michard, André; Goffé, Bruno; Bouybaouene, Mohamed
10-aoû-1999Obduction-related remagnetization at the base of an ophiolite: Paleomagnetism of the Samail nappe lower sequence and of its continental substratum, southeast Oman MountainsSaddiqi, Omar; Feinberg, Hugues; Horen, Hélène; Michard, André
avr-1997Higher-order approximation of subharmonics close to strong resonances in the forced oscillatorsBelhaq, M.; Fahsi, A.
jui-1994Spreadable distributed systemsKassara, K.; El Jai, A.
1995Chiral quaternary benzophenone hydrazonium salt derivatives; Efficient chiral catalysts for the enantioselective phase-transfer alkylation of imines. Application to synthesis of chiral primary aminesJamal-Eddine, Jamal; Cherqaoui, M.